Green Mountain Pet Professionals
Green Mountain Pet Professionals strives to provide pet
owners with affordable & dependable pet care.
This business was created to give pet owners the assistance
they need to care for their pets when they are not able too.  The
safety, wellbeing, and health of your pet is the primary goal at
Green Mountain Pet Professionals.  We understand how
important your pets care is to you!

Please contact us for more information about this service.   We
would be happy to discuss your situation and come up with a
plan to care for your pets when you are not able.
Animals touch our lives in many ways each day...
We at Green Mountain Pet Professionals
want to return the favor and provide the best possible service
to all pets that we have the honor of  caring for.

Green Mountain Pet Professionals carries full business
general & professional liability insurance and bonding.

At Green Mountain Pet Professionals,
we understand how much caring pet owners do for their pets.  
You can't always take your pet with you on trips or to your
workplace, but you can keep your pets together
in their own comfortable, clean & safe home.

In addition to providing loving care to all your pets,
We can also care for your home while you are away.
Watering plants, retrieving mail, rotating lights, etc are all
included with our service and will make your home
looked lived in while you are away.
Pet Care Professionals

Martin has been working with pets for over 20 years.  Starting in
high school, he was a dog bather for a local grooming salon.  
He soon began a career in the retail pet industry working as a
sales associate in a local pet store.  After studying business at
the University of Southern California, Martin started a career in
retail pet store management.  After his career advanced, Martin
was spending less time working with pets and more time
managing people and business.  He decided to join the
professional pet care industry and devote his time to helping pet
owners care for their pets when they were not able to.  He has
made hundreds of great animal friends over the years
and finds this line of work very rewarding.  


Andy has been working with GMPP from the start! Andy has
been an animal lover all his life and is very grateful
to be making so many great pet friends.  Andy has
availability for morning, midday & evening pet care
and dog walking appointments in most areas.